Building A Better Vibe…
Custom Studios Featured
PMT Audio can construct your professional or home studio, to include helping with HVAC, signal and electrical wiring, custom cabling, power backup and power conditioning, acoustic treatment, soundproofing and especially selecting the right gear.
High End Recording Equipment
Microphones, Recording Consoles, Channel Strips, Computer Interfaces, Microphone Preamplifiers, Compressors etc.

Studio Design
Soundproofing, Sound Treatment and Acoustic Design; Custom Built Vocal Booths, Complete Home Studio Construction and
Custom Cabling

Custom Recording Computers
Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and Recording Software

PMT Audio is focused on high-end gear and solutions, but it doesn’t mean that every project has to cost a million bucks. Because PMT Audio really cares about every client, innovation and free advice are also part of our approach.

Events and Demonstrations
Starting in November of 2016 PMT Audio is building our test studio. What the hell is a test studio Tik?

Well, PMT Audio sells audio gear, so we don’t take recording clients. There is a house band to keep our chops up and test out gear, but we do not record local artists for free or for a million dollars.

The purpose of the test studio is to allow anyone to listen to their mixes in another environment and to demo gear before making a purchase. It is also a place to come over and have a beer and tell war stories.

Right now we are beginning construction. The plan is to have meetings where we demonstrate the following:

Ground Measurement and Testing
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Design for Recording Studios and Installation
Star Grounding for Gear
Acoustic Measurement and Analysis
Acoustic Treatment Design, Build and Measurement. To include Diffusion and Absorbtion
Soundproofing – From the ground up, measuring it’s effectiveness and documenting the costs
Control Room and Track Room Design and Build using standards by Bolt, Sepmeyer, Louden, Boner and others

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