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MBHO – Handmade in Germany

MBHO MBP 603 With Cardioid Capsule – $595

MBHO 603 with capsule

MBHO microphones are hand made in the Black Forest of Germany. The sound of the 603 is nothing less than stellar. They shine on acoustic guitar and as drum overhead mics especially. They are also great for recording piano, harp and choruses. I have compared these mics head to head with large diaphragm mics costing thousands of dollars and the MBHO microphones are not only a great addition to your mic closet, they really are superior in a lot of applications. I like a large diaphragm on the hole of an acoustic guitar and a MBHO 603 on the neck. They also work great as heavily compressed room mics. They are exceptional in any overhead situation to include voice or any stringed instrument. The price is for the microphone body and the cardioid capsule so you have a fully functional small diaphragm condenser microphone. MBHO gives you a lot of options as changing the capsule takes seconds as the capsules screw on and off. My recommendation is the MBP 603 microphone body and the KA-200N capsule as priced in this listing as this combination delivers the best versatility for recording live in the studio, for individual artists during full production and on the stage IMHO….tik

From the German manufacturer, MBHO:The highly efficient MBP 603 microphone amplifier has a
sophisticated circuit comprised of an audio amplifier and a
DC converter. The entire range of modular capsules can
be accommodated for full system usage.
The transformerless circuit utilizes a symmetrical output
stage for higher dynamic range, extremely low coloration
and very low harmonic distortion. Operating voltages
range from 16 to 48 V with stable results.
In a word, pristine.