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Bricasti Reverb

System 1

Of course, everyone at the AES show in Europe was going crazy over the Bricasti M7. I was not so excited about hearing something digital and hearing it in headphones on a trade show floor. I was also all set with reverb, for the most part. My studio was located in an old factory with a huge stone stairwell and I had an EMT-140 plate reverb… forward a year or so later….I was lucky enough to get invited over to Michael Wagener’s place in Nashville and see his new studio. Obviously it was awesome…but all I really wanted to hear was his Bricasti….so he pulls up a vocal…I forget who…and patches into the Bricasti….and of course I ask him to select the plate setting….at this point, I am about fifty percent, “yeah right, here comes the digital artifacts” and fifty percent excited because of what people were saying about this thing, which is about to come through Michael’s Adam S3X-H monitors…..the next words out of my mouth were, “Holy …. that sounds like a f^*#ing plate!”….obviously with the Bricasti, you get more options and there is no noise like an EMT-140 tube amp and of course none of the headaches with the extensive maintenance.

System 1 – $4995

System 1
This option comes with one M10 Remote Console and one M7-M, which is the processor without front controls. It also comes with a 10 meter cable to connect the two, and is really the best option. You can also order this package with the M7 which has the front controls listed below as “System One with Front Panel Controls (M7)”

System 2 – $7995

This System comes with two M7-M processors and one M10 Remote Console, complete with a 10 meter serial cable and a 25 centimeter interconnect cable that connects the two M7-M units.

M7 Digital Reverb Processor$3,695


High precision Stereo Reverb Processor, 100 user presets, 24 bit 192k sampling rate, AES digital I/O, Dual DAC outputs w/ Balanced XLR Connectors, Dual-Dedicated-Power, Midi I/O, and serial
remote I/O with V2 software.

M7M Digital Reverb Processor$3,200

M7M M7 based processor with no front panel controls to be used with the M10.

M10 Remote Console$2,295

M10M10 Remote Console for control of up to 8 eight M7s or M7M processors. Complete with 10 meter serial cable.