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PMT is an Official Microtech-Gefell Repair Center

Lewis Ticknor (tik)
3106 West Hampden Avenue
Englewood, Colorado 80110
Please feel free to contact us anytime

PMT Audio is where professionals and beginners can try out gear in a pro studio environment. We sell and rent high-end recording gear, we build custom vocal booths and recording studios.

PMT Audio has a studio to test gear and provide perspective. There is a band here to keep our skill-set current, but we do not accept clients for recording. We sell and rent high-end recording gear and our interest is to support the Colorado audio community, not to compete.

Embrace the vibe!

George Necola (Switzerland / Gearslutz Moderator) and yours truly at my old place…
George is a great producer and no slouch with the computers and gear…

Studer A80 at the old place….

Michael Wagener and I at my old studio in Europe
Michael is reserved and I am blasting the horns like always…

It’s always nice to have the time to make choices

The guy who mixed and/or produced some of the greatest records ever
comes over to your studio…
Skid Row, Metallica, Ozzy…
And you wind up mixing underground Punk…but hey…I love Punk…

I welcome any questions or feedback about this section…..”tik, your ABOUT section sucks….tik, your ABOUT section is my homepage…etc…”